Our gym management software makes it easier to process Payments, Track Attendance,and stay in touch with your members.Whenever you will join with this product, you'll gain instant access to superior reporting,which facilitates gym management to manage a vast member base.

Optics Store Management

Optic Shop Management System-Software simplifies point-of-sale transactions, inventory management, communication with optical labs. Eye Care Leaders has also created insurance processing tools, eliminating one of the biggest headaches for optical managers-calculating the patient's out-of-pocket costs and navigating the billing process. To make things even easier, Optic Shop connects to your EHR so that patient data populates automatically when you create new orders. And if you work with bar code scanners, ophthalmic equipment, and/or lab software, our technology is compatible with all of that...and more!

Fee Management System

In Archivist one school administrator can define the fee types, structure and a criterion for fee collection. It provides monthly fee generation, student's fee ledger, outstanding fee and fee refunds. In short, it can regularize fee management in a proper way instead of hectic manual work.

  • User Defined Fee types e.g. admission fee, monthly fee, security etc.
  • Automatic Student Fee Slip Generation
  • Automatic Monthly Fee Slip generation
  • Automation of Fee Deposit in Cash
  • Automation of Fee Deposit with Bank
  • Fee Collection Reports of Cash
  • Fee Collection with Bank Reports
  • Students Outstanding Fee Reports
  • Students Fee Ledger Reports
  • Refundable Fee can be managed even after Years
  • User Defined Fee Concession Rules

Inventory + POS System

Pinnacle Inventory Management System software is ideal for online and offline retailers. It provides inventory and order synchronization between all offline and online sales channels, along with features like , Purchase planning, Shipper management, B2B order management, Discounted rates, etc.

Sports Academy Management System

SAMS-Software provides the easiest way to handle members, students, and staffs in your sports academy. Sports academy owners can use the management software in multiple sports academies comprising sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Tennis, Squash, Volleyball, Swimming, Gymnastics, Horse Riding, Karate etc. The features of sports facility management software help owners in monitoring the inflow of amount through members of the sports academy. The sports software keeps a track on the entire amount came and revenue earned by the sports academy in a period of time. The sports facility management software helps in simplified billing and notifies any pending bills. The whole data of the number of clients, attendance, amount and revenue earned is presented in a neat graphical form and displayed on the dashboard. It enables academy owners to maintain the timetable of the club and reminds administrators of any imminent activities hosted by the sports facility. The sports facility software helps in notifying the staff quickly of any imminent event. The calendar tool in software helps sports software users to comfortably book any part of the sports academy at any given date in advance. Software owners can edit or delete data of the sports facility software according to their information and can perform this task multiple times hassle free.

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